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Cancelled: Drum Building Workshop on May 16-17, 2015

We'll try again next year.

Come join in the fun of drumming and community with Susan West of Grafton Drum!

Come join the fun!

Join us for a variety of beginner and intermediate hand drumming experiences:

For more information or to register for Hand Drumming Workshops or Classes, please click here.

Would you like to make your own djembe, ashiko or dunun? Our Drum-Building Workshops allow adults to create a variety of African drums and Native American drums in cooperation with Stan Secrest at

Would your children like to try their hand at creating a drum? Our Children's Drum-Making Workshops are available for after-school programs, home-school groups, girl and boy scouts or anyone else!

The Open Drum Circles are free of charge. We encourage all levels of experience, singing, dancing and a variety of instruments and hope that you will join us at our next circle!

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